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DreamStarts.in is a job search engine for Indian Startups where Startups post job vacancies and potential employees (Talents) apply to the jobs for free. DreamStarts.in targets elite professionals, Marketing Gurus, freelance designers / developers and talented students in India.


Startups can post a job advertisement for free and receive applications from skilled and experienced jobseekers.

Startups are not like other companies, so why hire people the way other companies do? Why do startups need to pay big bucks to recruiting firms? With DreamStarts.in, you can post your jobs for free and talents can reach to you directly.


We always place your needs as a priority. That’s why we have made this site completely free and easy to use.

Working at any startup is entirely different from working at big companies. So Mr. Talent, before applying for a startup job from the list of opportunities we publish on board or we send to your e-mail in our newsletter,

1.  the first decision you must make is to conclude on what stage of the startup ladder you are comfortable slotting into.
2.  Are you fine being the third/fourth employee and sharing a table with the two co-founders in a shared co-working space?
3.  Are you more comfortable joining the team after they’ve raised a seed or series A round?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself and answer first before applying for startup job.

Prior to building DreamStarts.in, I went around asking as many people that worked at startups as I could how they got their jobs. Most of them, 95% specifically – as I expected – were referred by someone. I also asked around hiring startups how they found their hires, they all admitted how difficult it was to find the right people who understood what startups were about, have the right skills and team fit.

Note: We do not take part in the interview or selection process with any employers. Any email containing resume or CV send to DreamStarts.in through the contact form will not be entertained.